Test Loads and Tolerances

The general tendency is at the direction of making 110% dynamic and 125% static loading at minimum in a crane which is selected according to the appropriate FEM norms.


It shall be useful for the buyer companies to notify their special situations and conditions to the aforesaid company titled “YÜKSAN VİNÇ MAKİNE LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ” (YUKSAN CRANE MACHINE LIMITED COMPANY) and to convey their extra requests, if any, accordingly. The “CE” certified lifting units should have Load Cell in order to guarantee more loading properly.


The Machinery Regulation (2006/42/AT) which is published in the Official Gazette dated 03.03.2009 and numbered 27158 by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. In this respect, it shall be enough to complete the request form through the website link www.yuksanvinc.com.tr in order to purchase appropriate cranes. Being high of the Fem group does not imply that it has more loading capacity but it means that it has capability of exposing to more maximum loads and dynamic strengths in the operation cycle and more operational works in the operation mode. In this case, the prices also increase, on account of the costs in the high FEM grouped cranes. The test loads do not change in the IP Protection classes of Ex-proof cranes.

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