Single Girder Bridged Crane

PRODUCT NAME : Single Girder Bridged Crane

BRAND : Yuksan

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Our single girder bridged crane is a crane type which is used in storage, carriage, loading and similar other works on the closed areas in particular in the specific sectors relating to steel and iron, roll forming, construction and steel construction in general. The road through which the mobile bridged crane shall move thanks to the NPI profiled rails which are placed on the NPU profiled materials which are fixed in certain intervals or on the colons which are supported with certain intervals, onto two beams which are designed in the manner to carry the loads properly. It could be manufactured as single beam and double girder bridged. It is composed of three main groups as lifting group, bridged walking group and bridged group. The electricity installations of the walking ways of these cranes could be made in four different types. These are cable cart feeding system, cable drum feeding system, closed bar and open bar feeding systems.


The overhead travelling bridge cranes having different lifting capacities in the measurements of the standards which we have formed and in accordance with the customer requests are manufactured by us.

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