Trolley Crane

PRODUCT NAME : Trolley Crane

BRAND : Yuksan

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Our trolley cranes (crane cats)  are the machines which are used in the sectors relating to the gantry and bridge cranes in the iron steel, roll forming, construction and steel construction in general. The trolley cranes are the machines which are manufactured to be used in storage, carriage, loading and similar other works. The carted cranes have the opportunity to be used in the closed and open areas.


It has different types having lifting capacities from 1 ton up to 100 tons. Because of their capabilities to move advanced and reverse on the rails, they could be operated sensitively. The trolley cranes move on the rails which are floored on the double beams. The carted cranes have the capability to act up and down and also to right and left depending on the requests of the users.


The electricity installations of the walking ways of these cranes could be made in four different types. These are cable trolley feeding system, cable drum feeding, system, closed busbar and open busbar feeding systems. The trolley cranes having different lifting capacities in the measurements of the standards which we have formed and in accordance with the customer requests are manufactured by us.

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